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With the vast experience of our company in electrical system design and implementing to heavy industrial projects by providing LS products in Thailand and worldwide. CPT has the strong partnership with LSIS and LS cable company for long times and would like to promote LS products as well as business expansion, we arranged a field trip with group of electrical system designer in various fields to show the production process and testing center of LS Factory in South Korea during November 12 – 16, 2016.
LSIS Cheong-ju Plant has functioned to manufacture LV-HV breaker, transformer, switchgear and etc., including PT&T (Power Testing and Technology institution) which became the first private business entity in Korea to be equipped with 2000 MVA short-circuit testing facilities, high voltage testing apparatus and reliability testing equipment.

The LS Cable and System Gumi plant tour came after visiting LSIS Cheong-ju. The factory now mainly manufacturing Busduct System including testing, the factory provides a wide range of options including conductors, materials and design of housing as well as products for various of voltage (27kV or less) and current between 800A to 4000A to satisfy the needs of the clients and their specifications

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