Established in 1995.
Working Capital 450 Mil Thai Baht (12.8 Mil US$).
157 Employees including 58 experienced Engineers.
Headquarters and 2 Factories – Capacity 7,200 panels per year.
Sales turnover 30 M$ (Year 2015)


Currently, Vietnam industry is facing similar problem as Thai industry since 15 years ago. The major problem is to control production costs and inability to add capacity as required due to the long production line which is caused by continuous occurring problems. To solve these problems, the convenient but costly choice is to discard the old machines and replace with new machines. The repair cost of old machines is very high, since there is a shortage of experienced local service providers. It is therefore necessary to hire service providers of the old machines which are mostly Westerners with very expensive cost.

With limited capital investment for new machinery/equipment orders and with competition increasing both locally and in Asean, most Vietnamese industries are still unable to develop the technology to cope with the current competition.

The challenge is for Vietnam to high grade its industrial machinery for greater efficiency and improved productivity.